Top 10. The greatest writers in history


Based on the theory, that no one understands better than the literature, than writers, J. Peder Zane, Editor of the Raleigh News & Observer, asked by famous British and American writers, and novelists share their views on the best world literature. 125 well-known American and British writers have chosen the best of the best books and authors of all time.

The jury 'The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books'Under the direction of New York Times columnist included such well-known writers like: Jonathan Franzen, Times magazine recognized the best American novelist, author of the novel "The Emperor's Children" Claire Mesud, Joyce Carol Oates, a famous American novelist, and many others. Writers compiled lists of 10 the best novels and writers, examined 544 title. Roman received points from 1 prior to 10.

Ten greatest writers of all time, according to the total number of points:

1. Leo Tolstoy - 327

 Leo Tolstoy One of the most well-known Russian writers and thinkers, revered as one of the greatest writers of the world. Member of the Defence of Sevastopol.
Writer, recognized during the life of the head of Russian literature, whose work marked a new stage in the development of Russian and world realism, It is becoming a bridge between the traditions of the classic novel of the XIX century and literature of XX century.
The best known works such Tolstoy, as novels "War and Peace", Anna Karenina, "Resurrection", autobiographical trilogy "Childhood", "Adolescence", "Youth", novel "The Cossacks", "The Death of Ivan Ilyich", "The Kreutzer Sonata", "Hadji Murad", a series of essays "Sevastopol Stories", drama "The Living Corpse" and "The Power of Darkness", autobiographical religious and philosophical works "Confessions" and "What is my faith?And etc.

2. William Shakespeare - 293

William ShakespeareEnglish poet and playwright, often regarded as the greatest English-language writer and one of the best playwrights of the world. Often referred to as the national poet of England. Extant works, including some, written with other authors, consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 4 poems and 3 epitaph. Shakespeare's plays have been translated into all major languages ​​and most are put, than the works of other playwrights.
Most of the works of Shakespeare were written in the period from 1589 on 1613 year. His early plays are mostly comedies and chronicles, in which Shakespeare much excelled. Then came the period of his work tragedies, includes works of "Hamlet", King Lear, "Othello" and "Macbeth", which are considered among the best in English. At the end of Shakespeare wrote several tragicomedy, and collaborated with other writers.

3. James Joyce - 194

James JoyceIrish writer and poet, representative of modernism, Joyce is largely influenced world culture. He presently remains one of the most widely read English-language writers. B 1998 the publishing house Modern Library compiled a list of "100 best novels newest library", which includes all three novels of James Joyce: "Ulysses" (number 1 list), "Portrait of the Artist as a Young ' (number 3) and "Finnegans Wake" (number 77). B 1999 , Time magazine writer included in the list of the "100 heroes and idols of the XX century", saying, Joyce has carried out a revolution. Ulysses was named "demonstration and tabulation by all the modern movement [Modernism]».

4. Удалено как опасный или оскорбительный контент

125 известных американских и британских писателей, most likely, были бы весьма удивлены.

5. Fedor Dostoevsky - 177

Fyodor DostoevskyOne of the most significant and well-known in the world of Russian writers and thinkers. Dostoevsky's work had a great influence on the Russian and world culture. The literary heritage of the writer in many ways is assessed as at home, and abroad. In the West, where Dostoevsky's novels are very popular from the beginning of the twentieth century, his work has had a significant impact on such a whole liberal movement, existentialism, Expressionism and Surrealism. The forerunner of existentialism see it many literary critics. However, Dostoevsky abroad usually estimated, first of all, as an outstanding writer and psychologist, while its ideology is ignored or almost totally rejected.


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