Top 10 sculpture, destroying all the laws of physics


There is no such city, which would not be a monument or a monument, devoted to historical events. But there is in the world and these sculptures, which has a very special meaning and are executed in a striking manner. They all question the laws of physics and make you think about the skill of the author.

1"Force of nature", Lorenzo Quinn

Сила природы

"Force of nature" is a series of sculptures by artist Lorenzo Quinn (Lorenzo Quinn), which depict the fragile, but a strong woman – mother nature, whose face you cannot see, tk. it either hides the pose of the woman (lowered head and covering the hair, or it is hidden behind the mantle. When looking at the sculpture creates the sensation of a strong gust of wind.
The sculptures in this series are all over the world: England, USA, Monaco, Singapore, each sculpture is unique, they are slightly different from each other, but each of them creates a sense of movement, although the object itself is completely static.

2"Flying stone", Saban Abbas

Летающий камень

This custom object can witness the visitors Cairo International airport. Created work Smaby Abbas. We're sorry, his designs are not too common outside the country, however, they are certainly worthy of attention due to its atypical.

3"Take my zipper, leave me a thunder", Alex Chinneck

Заберите у меня молнию, оставьте мне гром

Alex himself says Chinneck, he loves to distort the everyday world, however, unlike other artists, he humbly admits, that for his architectural installations there is no deep philosophical meaning. One of the best projects of the artist began soaring home, implemented in 2014 year. Alex Chinneck and his team of professionals (more than 100 people consultants, managers, engineers) has created a replica of the historic stone buildings, levitating above the ground, using 12-foot rebar. Work on this project took eight months.

4"Coffee kiss / Yuanyang", Johnson Tsang

Coffee kiss

The author of this incredibly romantic clay sculptures, which is in the Museum of art in Hong Kong, is an artist Tsang Shung Shing.
The name of the sculpture "Yuanyang" is quite ambiguous. "Yuanyang" is one of the waterfowl species, more commonly known as Mandarin duck. Since "Yuanyang" always appear in pairs, they are traditionally taken as a symbol of conjugal love. The term is also applied to the famous Hong Kong drink, invented by "Cha Canting" (cafe in gorkovskom style).
Typical Yuanyang – this drink, which is a blended black tea (drink traditional Chinese), milk (typical Western style tea) and coffee (coming from Africa), reflecting the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures in Hong Kong.
In General, people creation of the sculptor is more known, how “Coffee kiss”.

5"Securely suspended geometry", Menashe, Kadishman

Надежно подвешенная геометрия

6Fairies from wire, Robin White

Fairies from wire, Robin White

7"Virgins Of Apeldoorn", Elizabeth Stinstra

Девственницы Апелдорна

8"Balancing elephant", Daniel Firman

Балансирующий слон

9Hyper realistic wood sculptures, Tom Eckert

Hyper realistic wood sculptures, Tom Eckert

10Book sculptures by Alicia Martin

Book sculptures by Alicia Martin


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