In fact, in normal life, people rarely believe language is beautiful or ugly. When we talk about language and its beauty, We usually express their stereotype, your opinion about people, which the language is spoken. It is therefore considered, that in countries, traditionally associated with the arts and culture, for example, in France and Italy, speak a beautiful language. Conversely: If a country is associated with something not very good, for example, Germany, the language they are ugly.

It is interesting to note, that Mark Twain, who wrote before the world wars and the Holocaust, considered, the German language cannot express anger or aggression. The language itself has changed little since then,, but here's our attitude to speak on it (Although it is already very outdated) much has changed.

The same applies to tasks. For Example, emphasis can be considered ugly in the country, where it is used (for example, Liverpool accent in Britain, southern accent in the United States), but it sounds like aliens: After all, they have no stereotypes, related people, who speak with this accent.

If you take a purely aesthetic approach, the answers will be very subjective: Some people like Chinese, but English is not like, someone believes German beautiful, After all, it is the language of Mozart, Beethoven, Goethe. Some of the most beautiful languages in the world is called the Ukrainian, not Italian. The taste and color, as they say ...
Quite often, the various language sites conducting polls on the subject of "the most beautiful languages in the world».
Here are the results of a survey of one of the foreign language sites.

Rating of the most beautiful languages in the world in sound:

1. Italian
2. French
3. Spanish
4. Portuguese
5. Chinese (tangerine)
6. English
7. Russian
8. Finnish
9. Japanese (emphasize the beauty of the Japanese in the mouths of Japanese women)
10. Arabic

As you can see, the beauty of playing time was Italian, his chosen almost 19% survey participants. With a small margin then you need French. Romance languages preferred 50 per cent of participants (the language was called even beautiful Latin).
It is interesting to note, that their votes for English is most often given by those respondents, for whom English is not the native.

Top 10 most beautiful languages do not fall, Although called, Hebrew, Ukrainian, German, Persian, Icelandic, Hawaiian, Dutch, Hungarian, Estonian and other languages.

Rating of the most beautiful languages in the world of writing:

1. Arabic
2. Chinese
3. French
4. Japanese
5. Greek
6. Spanish
7. Hebrew
8. Russian
9. Korean
10. Italian

According to the results of the poll can be seen, the participants gave preference to exotic types of letters, different from their own. The most beautiful language in the world of writing was named in Arabic, their votes he cast 18% survey participants. The second Chinese (13%). French, uses the Latin alphabet, to our surprise found himself in third place.
Next, with a small break followed by Japanese, Greek, Spanish and Hebrew.

Don't hit the top ten, but obtained a significant number of votes English, Georgian, Persian, Hindi, German, Sanskrit.


  1. “Rating of the most beautiful languages in the world in sound” – second place here should take a Ukrainian language.

  2. But my favorite language (German) not met in the top 10 either in pronunciation, nor for writing. Although I find it very beautiful. Few people still just felt.

    • Alexander, I know why you are saying, that Ukrainian language is ugly, because you are russian and you hate ukrainians. But I want to tell everyone, that in the beginning 20 century there was conference in some French city (I don’t remember name) and rating was such :
      1 Italian
      2 Ukrainian (Українська)
      Please, if you hate all Ukrainians, it is not mean, that Ukrainian language is ugly.

  3. What the hell why Russian always in the top, it is seen as selfish, Dharma says not “Skin toad my swamp praise”. Clearly stated — Great and Mighty Ukrainian language must take at least third place, and here, even in the top 10 it is not present. The Ukrainian language even want in the first place to put

  4. Okahu seen- translated from Russian. I am not surprised, what ”Russian” is, as in the first list, and in the second, and Ukrainian ”Our older brothers” removed. To read it on another Russian site about the most beautiful languages of the world- sounding the Ukrainian in second place. Writing (for those, who thinks, it was the promotion of the Ukrainian language), Ukrainian prize took, but Russian- like this.

  5. The most beautiful language in the world: SPANISH
    Spoken by more than 500 Million people as a mother language and official language of 22 Countries.

  6. Really? You like all of romance languages and russian but you dont like Romanian? Romanian is 80% latin,15% slavic and 5% greek,german,etc.

    • සිංහල කොහෙද යකෝ ලස්සන බොරු නොකිය හිටපන් ….බෙන්ගාලි තමයි ලස්සනම

  7. The German language is not ugly, especially when they sing, its so smooth and even. good thing its just ratings, ratings are not accurate.

  8. Mein Top
    Französisch, Deutsch, Türkisch, Slowakisch, Litauisch, Finnisch, Japanisch, Polnisch, Ukrainisch, Russisch, Griechisch, Englisch und Chinechisch

    Spanisch ist hässlich

  9. Ви хоча б читали те,що публікуєте. “рейтинг мов” ( мовавона)
    русский”,”італійський”. Та ще й зразу видно,що джерело російськомовне, бо ніхто ніколи не визнававросійськукрасивішою за українську


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