TOP 10 most rainy cities in the world


Among ordinary active people there are few fans of rainy weather. In fact, gloomy weather and lack of sun can not only ruin the mood, the weather often changes plans. Let's imagine for a moment, what is in such bleak conditions people live, living in the rainiest parts of our planet!
Outset, most of the cities participating in this strange hit parade live in peace and develop in different directions. And many tourists are not afraid of the rainiest cities in the world and the high number of rainy days in these places.
But back to our hit-parade. And So, before you the TOP 10 most rainy cities in the world.

10Bergen, Norway

Opens the hit parade of the most rainy places in the world in Bergen. This city in Norway is the rainiest city in Europe. Rain is almost here 270 days per year, and annual precipitation is up to 3000 mm, and that Bergen is called “the city of rain”. One of the biggest attractions is the annual Bergen international festival. Its platform each year invites Norwegian and internationally known musicians, dancers, singers and actors – good pastime in wet weather! Given the specific weather in Bergen, don't forget short and long walks to take along appropriate clothing, because almost as often, as rain, here comes the sun.

9Hilo, Hawaii

Ninth place “rainy” the hit parade is the main city in Hawaii, Hilo. Here annual precipitation is 3300 mm, however, this does not prevent tourists spend here every year their holidays, because in Hilo there is something to see. Near the town rises the active volcano, and every year there is a festival merrie Monarch, which lasts for a week. Gil in various museums, such as the tsunami Museum and Museum of art. Interesting place is the promenade, where palm trees, planted by famous people.

8Lae, Papua New Guinea

The capital of Morobe province in Papua New Guinea – Lae city is the second largest urban center of the country. Precipitation is here – business as usual, indeed, in the year falls around 4600 mm. Lives in Lae more 100 thousands of people – incredible workers, that treat large coffee and tea plantations, the backbone of the economy of the city. There is also a huge Botanical garden, size 100 hectare.

7Mawlamyine, Myanmar

Is a town in southern Myanmar, located at the mouth of the river Salween, on the shore of the Andaman sea. Tourists is known for its historic attractions, old pagodas, beautiful Buddhist monasteries, and residents of Myanmar's rainy season, which lasts from June to October. In total for the year falls here 4700 mm of precipitation in the form of rain.

6Monrovia, Liberia

The largest cities and the capital Liberia. Located at the mouth of the river Saint Paul on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This city is not only famous for two international airports, but also the largest duty-free seaport in West Africa. Rains in Monrovia are mainly in the summer (June-July), but total precipitation manages to fall here 5140 mm.

5Buenaventura, Colombia

The main port city in Colombia, but one of the most important ports on the continent. Located on the shores of the Pacific ocean, and on the land side it is surrounded by the Andes. This causes a huge amount of rain per year – as much as 7000 mm! Unfortunately, the city is the center of tourism in Colombia is in some degree connected with the war of gangs, who at one time wanted to seize control of the port. Because of this, Buenaventura is currently considered the poorest city in all of Colombia.

4Quibdo, Colombia

Following the rainy city on Earth – Quibdo (again Columbia), he is also the rainiest city in Latin America. This small town is located in the Northwest Columbia, on the banks of the river Atrato. Here is the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of San Bernadino. To Quibdo lives 75 thousand inhabitants, and they all, seems accustomed to another name of their homeland is the most humid city on the planet, after a year it drops 8990 mm of rain!

3Tutunendo, Colombia

Three “rainy winners” heads again Columbia! The climate of the city Tutunendo is a tropical forest. Extreme heat, high humidity, the absence of significant wind and precipitation characterize this climate type, which can also be found throughout the Amazon river basin in the South and East of chocó, state in Western Colombia. No wonder, residents Tutunendo live with the rain 280 days per year. Every year it drops 11,5 metres of rain. Surprisingly another – the rain in Tutunendo go only at night).

2Cherrapunji, India

It is a small town in the North-Eastern part of India in the state of Meghalaya, located on the plateau of Shillong (the slopes of the Himalayas). B 2001 year, the city lived 10 086 man. Cherrapunji is a city with the world's greatest average amount of precipitation, which is about 11 000 mm. Since August 1860 of 1861 year there were the world's largest annual rainfall – 26 460 mm.

1Loro, Colombia

And So, where do you think is the most rainy city? Of Course, in Colombia! Loro, located in the upper reaches of the river Atrato, is considered the wettest place on Earth, because the rainfall here reaches about 13300 mm. Congratulations to the winner!


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