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As Topa budget wines publish Dmitry Sokolov review, notorious site owner The content is published unchanged.

And So, by popular demand I do a little review of dry wines in the category up to 15 eur, that really can drink and most of which I myself have repeatedly tried. Start unconventional with red, then rose, later – white. I do not know why, I just felt like it. Brought to you by 15 sample wine.
ATTENTION! Over There, where there is an inscription “My choice” it means, it's not only wine I drink and I liked it, but I bought it again and permanently.

Michelle Tori Shiraz 2010

Michel Torino Coleccion Shiraz 2010, Argentina
Guide price: 7,50 eur

Wines of Michel Torino today will be a lot, as Michel Torino is the manufacturer, in which there are no bad wine. And even its budget is quite a wine you can drink. Light wine, which is ideal for something cold, and where you can drink a lot and discreetly. Under baraninku my friend casually usideli 3 bottles.

Michel Torino Don David Malbec 2008 and Don David Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008

Michel Torino Don David Malbek 2008 | Don David Cabernet-Sauvignon 2008, Argentina
Guide price: 13 eur

Who else is on sale 2008 year, but to the extent that, how it ends, replace it on the shelf 2009. The wine is aged 1 year in oak. If we talk about Malbec – I tried it, and they liked me crazy – wine is dense and rich. Chto cabernet-sauvignon kasaetsya – This sample is an absolute leader among the Cabernet Sauvignon for sotnoshenie price / quality.

Rapido Red Sangiovese 2009

Fast Red Sangiovese 2009, Italy
Guide price: 10 eur

Thick, but not too saturated. Light bitterness in the aftertaste. In general, I am very fond of wine from Italy, and treat them indifferent.

Rocca Alata Valpolicella Superiore 2009

Manufacturer: Cantina di Soave Valpolicella Superiore Rocca Alita 2009, Italy
Guide price: 10 eur

This wine was a real discovery for me. Get this beautiful Valpolicella for the money – it's just a gift. Today, by the way, after “photoshoot” in the store, I bought a few bottles home. One of them was this wine.
Wine lightweight, but not vodyanystoe. Enough high acidity, but the acidity of this – correct. The aromatics: undergrowth, Dried cherries. My choice!

Undurraga Sibaris Pinot Noir 2010 Sybaris and Carmenere 2008

Undurraga Sibaris Pinot Noir 2010 | Carmenere Sibaris 2008, Chile
Guide price: 13 eur

Pinot noir is very similar to the classic French pinot noir in this price range.
This was considered the best karminer karminerom Chile in this price range. Karminer – My choice!

Coteaux du Languedoc Chateau de Mougins “La Gag” 2008

Chateau de Moujan La Clape 2008, France
Grapes: Syrah, Grenache, Senso, Carignan
Guide price: 10 eur
Wine South of France. Quite spicy wine with rounded velvety taste.

Rose wines

Pink Panther Rose Bordeaux 2009

Bordeaux Rose Pink Panther 2009, France
Merlot with the addition of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc
Guide price: 10 eur
Simple, fresh wine medium acidity, raspberry and strawberry aromatics. Just for the summer.

Michel Torino Malbec Rose 2010

Michel Torino Malbec Rose 2010, Argentina
Guide price: 8 eur

Full bodied wine with a slight bitterness. On tasting it I personally did not like it because of its heaviness, but many just liked it.

White wines

Cadiz Pinot Grizhdzhio 2010 Cadiz and Chardonnay 2010

Cadis Pinot Grigio 2010, Cadis Chardonnay 2010, Italy
Guide price: 7 eur

This Pinot Grigio I wrote. Wine with nedobrodom, that is – with bubbles, and pronounced aroma Duchesne. Summer version of the highly chilled drink on every day to quench your thirst. It is also true Chardonnay.

Rapido White Pinot Grizhdio 2010

Rapido White Pinot Grigio 2010, Italy
Guide price: 10 eur

More “Adult” Pinot Grigio compared to Cadiz. Acidity – from the middle to high, very light and summer.

Undurraga Sibaris Chardonnay 2009

Undarraga Sibaris Chradonnay 2009, Chile
Guide price: 13 eur

The wine is aged six months in oak. Round velvety taste, aromatics of walnut, peach jam.

Of entre-Deux-Mer Chateau Tour Shape

Chateau Tour Chapoux 2009, France
Sauvignon Blanc 70%, Semillon 25%, Muscadelle 5%
Guide price: 13 eur
Very light and fresh wine, mineral and with good acidity. I really like it and is ideal for seafood and fish dishes. My choice!

Canti GAVI 2009

Canti Gavi 2009, Italy
Guide price: 14 eur
Wine with a sweet finish, mineral, aromatics of green apples and white flowers. Very fresh.

Villa Rosina Soave Classico 2009

Villa Rosina Soave Classico 2009, Manufacturer: Cantina di Soave, Italy
Guide price: 9 eur
Very old Italian wine with Duchesne and Apple undertones.

Jordan Stellenbosch Riesling 2009

Jordan Risling 2009, Country: South Africa
Well, at the end — I bought the wine, which store still has not tried. Nothing about him can't tell, the only, I know – this manufacturer does not make bad wines.


  1. Prior To 1000 руб вообще много хороших вин) Красных. Сухих.
    Ундуррага Карменер, Астрале, Мальбек и другие.
    Но вообще рекомендую брать Чили или ЮАР. Ценовая политика выгоднее, чем если брать европейские вина!


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