Top 10. Cities, life-threatening


Top 10 Places on Earth, incompatible with life – a small article about the ten cities, life which is practically impossible. List of dangerous cities, from which you want to stay away, compiled by the American Environmental Fund Blacksmith Institute.

10 place: Russia, Dzerzhinsk

Russia, Dzerzhinsk

Reports for ecologists 1930-1998 , states, that was buried near Dzerzhinsk 200 000 tons of chemical waste, including neurotoxins most dangerous. Water in contaminated with dioxins and phenol, and the level of contamination by more than 17 million times higher than normal. The city today is home to about 250 000 man. The average life expectancy there is 45 year old.

9 place: Zambia, Kabwe

Zambia, Kabwe

At the beginning of the 20th century in Kabwe discovered huge reserves of cadmium and lead. They built large factories for processing of these metals. To date, the level of air pollution by heavy metals is four times higher than the permitted limit. In the city live 25 000 infected people. They found acute blood poisoning, in which there is frequent diarrhea, vomiting, muscle wasting and kidney disease.

8 place: Peru, La Oroya

la oroya

This is a small village with a population of just 35 000 man. However, on the grounds there are US plants, producing a huge amount of zinc, copper and lead. In an atmosphere of high concentration of sulfur dioxide, because of which there are often observed acid rain. 95% residents are infected with terrible diseases, are associated with high levels of lead in blood.

7 place: China, Linfen

China, Linfen

This city is a major center of Chinese coal-mining industry. The level of toxic particles, including sulfur dioxide in the air by several tens of times higher than normal. The air in Linfen gray, because of a very bad visibility. More 200 000 man, residing in the city, suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia and lung cancer.

6 place: Russia, Norilsk

 Russia, Norilsk

Norilsk - one of the most polluted places in Russia. In the air, you can feel the taste of sulfur, and often goes black snow here. The city has the world's largest processing plants of heavy metals, such as nickel, copper, lead, zinc and selenium. 134 000 residents are infected and suffer respiratory diseases. Foreigners with 2001 year denied entrance to the city.


  1. I live in GA. Dzeržinske, Nižegorodskoj Foundation. Garden very bands. The water smells like hlorkoj so, Sometimes it stings eyes. But despite all the terrible ecology in living very many rich people about % the total population of the city. Outside the city, in industrial zones constantly worth pungent smell chemicals, but in emissions of chemical factories in the air felt not often, probably depends on the wind direction. In the old town centre there are several garden cooperatives, where people grow vegetables for itself, fruit, the berries and flowers. Not seeing “White Sea” and “the black hole” – “attractions” local plants, catastrophic environmental picture not felt and people live, as in ordinary cities in Russia growing agricultural products and breeding livestock for milk and meat. In many people with cancer.


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