And So, a young family comes to a new home – husband, wife and kids happy. Or desperate writer (journalist, artist, underline) decides to retire in a remote mansion for whipping up the creative process. In general, everyone is happy and full of optimism, suddenly starts to happen around them that something strange…

1. Shine (The Shining, 1980)


IMDb: 8.50
The main character - Jack Torrance - came in an elegant secluded hotel, caretaker to work during the off-season with his wife and son. Torrens here before never been. Or it is not so? The answer lies in the darkness, woven from criminal nightmare.

Awesome movie, without question. Stephen King, Jack Nicholson, mountains, mysticism. Super-classic.

2. Sinister (Sinister, 2012)


IMDb: 6.80
Together with his family author of detectives settled in a small town, in home, where almost a year ago turned chilling tragedy - killed all the tenants. Writer accidentally finds videos, which are the key to the mystery of the crime. But nothing is given for nothing: in the house begin to happen terrible things and now threatened the life of his family. They are faced with something, from which there is no escape ...


3. Astral (Insidious, 2010)

Astral IMDb: 6.80
Josh Riney and moved with her children to a new home, but do not have time to really unpack, as strange events begin. Inexplicably moving objects, in the children heard strange sounds ... But the real horror comes parents, when their ten year old son Dalton falls into a coma. All the efforts of the doctors in the hospital to help the boy unsuccessful.
A few months later, he returned home, where the unfortunate child caring mother and a nurse. But the mysterious phenomena in the house continues. Desperate parents are willing to ask for help to anyone, and it soon becomes clear, that Dalton unconscious associated with the paranormal world ...

4. Secret Window (Secret Window, 2004)

Secret Window

IMDb: 6.60 (113 997)
The writer Mort Rainey lives in a house on the shore, where he recently moved. More recently, he had a wife and career of the writer, Now he and his wife encountered only, to once again refused to sign the divorce papers. With creativity at Mort also not very smooth, He begins to write and then erase writing. All day long Mort just sleeping or looking at a computer screen. But it measured in this, dreary life appears a strange man in a black hat. By naming Cockney Shooter, he accuses Rainey of plagiarizing. Mort tries to remember, he wrote a story called Shooter, could he really take someone else's idea. Find out all the facts, Rainey finds, that the Shooter wrote the story through 2 years after its publication in the journal. Mort just need to find a copy of the magazine, Shooter and goes. But until then, a strange man in a black hat will haunt the writer and his wife.

Boring movie, which is sort of like attracts, and Johnny, how-to. But the film skukota.

5. Hell House (Películas para no dormir: Para entrar a vivir, 2006)

Hell House

IMDb: 6.40
Mario and Clara are expecting a baby and decide to look for a roomier housing. On the advice of a realtor agent they were going to watch the next version. The street is a dog's weather - the whole day pouring torrential rain. The house is dark, abandoned buildings, standing in the suburbs. Overcame a vague sense of fear, young couple goes inside ... I wish they did not! The house is a trap, from which there is no turning back, and his mistress - a diabolical beast!



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