1. Strugatsky Brothers – Monday begins on Saturday

Monday begins on SaturdayIn the next volume of the collected works of classics of Russian fiction of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky entered the famous film series about the staff of the research Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry (NIICHAVO), as well as a satirical fantasy on the theme “War of the worlds” Wells – “The second invasion of the Martians”.




2. John Irving – The cider house rules

John Irving - The cider house rulesA classic novel of American literature by John Irving – this is a modern Saga of family, living in our absurd and meaningless world, whose members try, each in its own way, to find harmony and establish a balance between the eternal and the transitory.





3. David Mitchell – Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas“Cloud Atlas” is like the mirror maze, the echo, over each other, six votes: notary of the mid-nineteenth century, returning to the United States from Australia; the young composer, forced to trade body and soul in Europe between the world wars; journalist in California 1970-x, the disclosing corporate conspiracy; small publisher – our contemporary, umudrivšegosâ to break the Bank on a thuggish autobiography “Hit the brass knuckles” and running from creditors; clone-workers of the enterprise fast food in Korea – from the winning cyberpunk; and Hawaiian sunset kozopasa civilization.
For the first time in Russian – new monumental masterpiece from the author of the famous “Sleep number 9”, also included in the shortlist of the Booker prize.

4. Jerome K. Jerome – Three men in a boat, not counting the dog

Three men in a boat, not counting the dogTime goes on, replaced by the era, but readers are still unable to break away from the absolutely incredible story of the journey of three carefree English gentlemen, let sail on the Thames with his pet – Fox-Terrier Montmorency.
Funny misunderstandings, fun of conflicts and full of comic situations, of which the heroes come, invariably keeping a true British dignity, and today are striking in their originality and timeless sense of humor.


5. Downham Jenny – [object Window]

Downham Jenny - [object Window][object Window], [object Window]. [object Window]. [object Window], [object Window]. [object Window], [object Window]. [object Window], [object Window]! “[object Window]” – [object Window], [object Window]. [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window].

6. Joan Harris – BlackBerry wine

Joan Harris - BlackBerry wine

Imbued with subtle lyricism and aching nostalgia for childhood, a novel by English writer Joan Harris tells us, how important it is sometimes to drastically change the normal course of life, looking anew at themselves and their place in the world.





7. Erlend Loe – Naive. Super

Naive. SuperErlend Loe – a popular Norwegian writer, screenwriter, Director of theater and cinema, winner of several awards. Best seller “Naive. Super” (1996), translated into a dozen languages, combining memoir genre, Comedy, philosophical parable, Roman education. The young narrator, doubting themselves and in the world, going through the drama of the spiritual life. The novel captures the witty, ironic restrained narrative manner.




8. Elizabeth Gilbert – There, pray, love

There, pray, love…”There, pray, love” – the book is about, how can you find joy there, where not expecting, and how not to seek happiness there, where it is not. By definition. …Modern book about modern women, there is a, pray, love – means to get pleasure from life…



9. Fanny Flag – Fried green tomatoes at the cafe “Stop”

Fried green tomatoes“Fried green tomatoes” Fannie Flagg almost after the first edition in the Russian language has become a cult book in Russia. For ten years the novel has been reprinted many times, but today its popularity is extremely high. “Fried green tomatoes” read already the second generation of the reading public. Roman put on a par with the great American books – with “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Hellebore Finn”, – and the mere mention of the book Flagg in this range testifies to its power. And we definitely: “Fried green tomatoes” – this classic of American and world literature. If I can get a novel Fannie Flagg, then surely you can hear someone laugh, crying, conversations, the noise of the train, the rustle of leaves, the clanking of forks and spoons. Listen to the sounds, making their way through the cover, and you will learn the story of one small American town, wherein, like everywhere in the world, intertwined love and pain, fears and hopes, friendship and hatred. This story will be told with such sincerity, what…

10. Ray Bradbury – A cure for melancholy

A cure for melancholy“When all is lost, hope”, – says the hero of one of the stories of ray Bradbury. These words could be the epigraph to the entire collection “A cure for melancholy”, the pages of which will always be a place for sad smiles and sweet wonders. The book represents the original author's collection.


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