There is no such person, who doesn't like ice cream. Each of us has their favorite flavor of this delicacy. We offer 10 light and chilling facts about our favorite ice cream.

Ice cream

1. Ice cream started eating 5 [object Window]. The legend tells, in Europe, a delicacy brought back by Marco Polo.

ice cream Marco Polo

2. In America, the first advertisement for ice cream, along with other sweets, appeared in a new York newspaper in 1774 year.

ice cream is

3. There are strange flavors of ice cream: tomato, garlic, potatoes, with onions, bacon, olive oil.

Ice cream with bacon

4. Fried ice cream – the most popular dessert in Mexico. Formirovaniya ice cream balls the size of an Apple and a good frozen, then consistently falling in the flour, the egg and breadcrumbs, again frozen, and just before serving, quickly fry in vegetable oil in deep fat.

Fried ice cream

5. The most expensive ice cream in the world is 1000 dollars. Delicious ice-cream and vanilla ice cream will please fans of cool dessert. That's only in new York decided, what you will need to add the Madagascar vanilla, the most expensive cacao beans, Amedei Porceleana and rare Venezuelan Chuao chocolate, decorate with the candied fruit from Paris, spoon of caviar and gold leaf.


6. Scientists have proven, that ice cream improves mood.

ice cream elevates mood

7. Five of 100 consumers of ice cream they are treated to your pet.

dog ice cream

8. The biggest ice cream in the world got into the Guinness Book of records. It was created by Canadians in the form of a long cake 5 meters and a width of 3 m.

The world's largest ice cream

9. The most popular flavours of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and strawberry. The most popular sauce for ice cream – chocolate.

chocolate ice cream

10. Among all days of the week, the greatest amount of ice cream bought on Sunday.

chocolate ice cream


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