10 vegetable crops for your windowsill


Homemade mini-gardens on the windowsill is now very popular. Someone just puts onions in a glass jar, filled with water, on cardboard with slots, others use the window sill for distillation of parsley or celery. Let us now expand the range of home greens. We offer you ten vegetable crops, which is quite possible to grow in the apartment. Winter is coming – extra vitamins would be quite appropriate.


This fast-growing, cold resistant greens are rich in vitamins and mineral salts. Watercress exceptionally unassuming. Those, those who do not have the ability or desire to spend time on laborious care "beds" on the windowsill, it will be appreciated, I guess. For growing watercress does not need any soil, no additional lighting. On southern Windows, he will give the harvest at the end of January.


One of the most fragrant and favorite mistresses of spices. Thus it is quite undemanding and grows well on the windowsill. Basil loves the sun. It is therefore recommended to extend the period of exposure to 15-17 hours a day with fluorescent lamps. Also every two weeks to loosen the soil, to enrich it with oxygen.

8Green onions

Probably, for once in my life it was grown on the windowsill every, even if it's just childhood curiosity. It is an ideal plant for the home garden: fast growing, unpretentious, useful. To always be c harvest, it is best to plant onions regularly — every 10-14 days. Then by the time, as the first "beds" crop to be harvested fully, ripen the green next until spring.


Mint also grows well on the windowsill. It will be easy to dry it for tea, and the desserts and Mojito garnish with fresh sprig. For cultivation it is possible to take almost any variety of mint, put it in a small pot and put in Sunny place. Don't forget to water regularly, and in summer, place the pot in a saucer of water, so the soil doesn't dry out.


Parsley can provide in two ways: sowing seeds in the ground and distillation of the harvested roots. The second method, though, and requires some preliminary preparation, in General, it is easier. Even if you don't have prepared c autumn planting material, you can find high quality roots for forcing in the vegetable section of the supermarket.


You've never heard of, the carrots are grown on the windowsill? In a simple flower pot or container you can get a very decent crop. To grow at home you need to take the miniature varieties of carrots. Can be planted in boxes, pots or just cut a plastic bottle with holes in the bottom. Most varieties will begin collecting fresh carrots already in 3,5 months after planting: as most gardeners soon begin to sow carrots, you will already have it!

4Purslane vegetable

Fleshy, moisture-retaining leaves of purslane is not only delicious, but useful. Sow it also, like other greens, growing in soil.

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Spinach refers to vegetable greens and considered to be very useful. The spinach is perfectly developed on the southern and Western Windows. The more light will get to plants, the more biologically active substances, they accumulate. Spinach contains iron, organic acids, mineral salts, easily digestible protein and many vitamins.


The most fashionable in recent years among cooks component of salads. This is a salad plant of the cabbage family is well suited as a side dish to meat or fish, used in salads and add a fresh taste to your sandwich. Plant seeds to a depth of 1-1,5 cm and remember, that arugula – very hygrophilous plant.


Radishes grow very quickly! Even in poor soil. Time to harvest takes at least, the cost is purely symbolic, care is not difficult, than the usual flower in a pot.


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