10 best detective TV series


Edition Alltop10 decided to share with you my TOP 10 most favorite, most viewed high-quality and in our opinion detective series.


Lieutenant Columbo is the antipode of the classical detective story: he scattered and outdated, with his one eye obviously is not drawn to the handsome, smokes cheap cigars, all the time goes in the same rumpled raincoat, rides collapsing "Peugeot" and women don't chase, because the long and gloomy married.

9C. S. I. The scene of the crime

Las Vegas... with Its bright neon lights, hundreds of gaming clubs and casinos, he attracted more and more people. But not all of them are good citizens. In a huge stream of people often hide criminals of all stripes. They are convinced, that their crimes will go unnoticed. But they are badly mistaken, in fact, the city is working tireless team of police C. S. I. When the investigation comes to a deadlock, the game enters a group of super professional criminologists led by captain Grissom.
Also adore the editorial Board of CSI: The scene of new York and C. S. I.: Miami.


Dr. temperance Brennan is a brilliant, but lonely anthropologist, gets, what she least wanted — a partner. The Bureau sends her ambitious FBI agent Seeley booth, to assist in the investigation of unsolved cases, by examining and identifying long bones of the missing people.
But the long dead victims are not the only, what will have to face bones, Booth and the team, solving crimes, they are often faced with bribery, corruption and local fragmentation.

7Criminal minds

In Seattle for a short time are missing four young girls. There is a version, what appeared in the city serial maniac-the murderer. For the investigation of this criminal case is taken FBI special unit, specializing in behavioral analysis of actions of criminals.
At the head of this unit is Jason Gideon, who with his companions, trying to calculate the offender, creating his psychological portrait. Jason — not a frequent visitor of the FBI crime labs. He and his team travel to crime scenes, interview witnesses, analyze and study the psychological side of the criminal's life...

6Midsomer murders

Purely English series on purely English novels of Caroline Graham. From change of places composed the amount of English detective does not change, and time has no power over the true values. Prim islanders still make the most sophisticated crime, them with the most thorough and respectful view of the detectives followed an elegant, and restrained backdrop for these passions remain green lawns and shady avenues, dark rooms and cold bedroom. Almost all the action takes place in small villages, serene exemplary Midsomer County. Sometimes this is a pastoral background is, and in the capitals has ever seen. And service, which is dangerous and difficult, village police did not choose.


Meet, Richard castle — a successful writer of detective stories, in the last book killed my main character. But it seems, that one of the admirers of his talent book like a bit much — the city appears wannabe, commit crimes, with deadly accuracy by copying the ways, which castle killed in his works. And now our weary writer was called to the homicide of new York police, to help find the killer.

4The Mentalist

Patrick Jane — a detective and independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBD), he uses his honed, as the blade, observation skills for the disclosure of serious crimes. In the Bureau Jane is known for frequent violations of Protocol, as well as his stellar past: he worked as a medium, but now he recognizes, that faked paranormal abilities

3Law and order. Criminal intent

"Law and order" – American legal series, documenting the work of police officers, from the new York Department, involved in the investigation of particularly serious crimes. The plot revolves around investigator Robert mountain, his lovely partner, Alex Eames, and the head of the police Department Deakins. Each episode is devoted to the investigation of a brutal murder – the circumstances of, the search for evidence, the capture of the criminal

2The main suspect, Mini-tv series 1991 g.

Committed several brutal murders. The Prime suspect is ex-convict George Marlowe. He strongly denies any involvement in the crimes. Before inspector Jane Tennyson is not an easy task. She must either find evidence of guilt Marlowe, either find the real killer. Could this fragile woman?

1The investigation leading experts

The cycle of the Soviet detective films, one of the most popular Soviet TV series. The main characters — the investigator Znamensky, the inspector of criminal investigation Department of Tomin and expert Kibrit (in the final series, 2002-2003. — Kitayeva) (hence the title — Experts in).


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