1. "Mission to Siena", James Hadley Chase

Mission to SienaIn London in front of friends kill Guido Ferenczi, the young Italian financier. Shocked by the death of Guido, the Englishman don Mikli eager to find the criminals, but someone is killing all the witnesses one by one. For these events there is a mysterious organization, the history of which dates back to the fifteenth century, and the trail leads to the house of one of the richest and most respected citizens of Siena…



2. "Pain. Winter Commissioner of Richardi", Maurizio de Giovanni

Pain. Winter Commissioner of Richardi

Naples, start 30-ies of XX century. Luigi Alfredo Ricardi, Commissioner mobile squad of the criminal police of the district of Regia in Naples, known for an amazing ability to reveal the most hopeless cases. All marvel at his business acumen, and no one knows about the awesome gift of the Commissioner. Richard feels the pain died a violent death, can read the latest thoughts, to hear the last words of the unfortunate. This winter he investigates high-profile crimes, perfect at the theatre Royal, – the murder of Arnaldo Vezzi, the greatest tenor of his time and a favourite of Il Duce. The singer was found dead in the dressing room, with the broken mirror, plunged down his throat. Richardi, inspects crime scene, notices all the details and tries to build a picture of the crime. Clear to him, that the killing was unintended. However, while he has no one suspect.

3. "The talented Mr. Ripley", Patricia Highsmith

The Talented Mr. Ripley“The Talented Mr. Ripley” – one of the most famous novels by Patricia highsmith. Tom Ripley is a poor, he had no powerful patrons, but he's a virtuoso conman, and most importantly – man, totally devoid of morals and decency. Patricia Highsmith builds a fascinating detective story, at the same time trying to penetrate into the depths of the soul of your character, to answer the question, what it feels, dared to the crime. The novel was awarded the Edgar Allan PoE, founded by the Association of mystery writers USA, and repeatedly portrayed.


4. "Don't call me anymore in Rome", Alicia Giménez Bartlett

Don't call me anymore in RomeSpanish writer Alicia giménez Bartlett became famous for a series of detective novels about police inspector Petra Delicado and her loyal companion Fermin Garzón, which critics call a modern Sancho Panza. Novel “Don't call me anymore in Rome” based on real events. Barcelona entrepreneur, venerable father of the family, killed in uncompromising circumstances in the society of a young prostitute. The crime accused her pimp, but he soon died from a bullet. The murders follow one another, and the denouement is striking in its surprise. And in the course of the investigation, the readers along with the characters will walk along the streets of the two most beautiful cities in Europe — Barcelona and Rome. Books Alicia giménez Bartlett translated into fifteen languages and has received prestigious national and international awards. In her novels in Spain filmed the TV series “Petra Delicado”. Another series is being filmed currently in Italy.

5. "Just one evil deed", Elizabeth George

Only one evil deedIn the family of Professor of Microbiology of Timely Azshara tragedy. His common-law wife Angelina fled in an unknown direction, took with them their common daughter. Azhar can not start the investigation in a legal way, because the official is not the father Khadii. On the advice of his close friend – Barbara Havers – he hires a private detective. However, searches do not work. And then it takes an unexpected turn. In London Angelina returned with her new lover and declares, that her daughter was kidnapped in broad daylight in the Italian city of Lucca, – what did it exactly Azhar... Elizabeth George — the outstanding master of the detective novel. Her work has won the acclaim of readers throughout the world, including in Russia. Her books are published in millions of copies, be the basis for TV movies, receive prestigious literary award.

6. "Broker", John Grisham

Broker", John GrishamJoel Beckman passed. And now the special services are following with interest, which of the foreign intelligence services will get to him first. He possesses dangerous information, and access codes of sophisticated system of satellite espionage can cost your life. Where to get help. The, who knows too much, always becomes a target. Will he manage to stay alive?..



7. "The conspiracy of the Venetian", John Trace

The conspiracy of the VenetianTom Shaman, the average American priest, stood up for the girl, accidentally killing two people who attacked her people. In an attempt to escape from himself he leaves San heads to Europe. And how on earth could it happen, Venice, town, where he stopped, Shaman is an unwitting participant in the investigation of a terrible crime — the murder of the young Croat. Most ominous in this case — that, on the body of the girl discovered exactly six hundred and sixty-six stab wounds, the biblical number of the Beast. Everything points to the fact, what is involved in murder of the unknown satanic cult, the more that one crime should chain...

8. "The lost girls of Rome", Donato Carrisi

The lost girls of RomeMarcus hunter for anomalies, man, gifted with the ability to see messages of evil in the most intricate crimes, but devoid of the memories of his former life. His new thing is to find a girl, captured by a serial killer in Rome, and random only at first glance, details can help the investigation. Death is in the details – this lesson Sandra learned, working as a photographer at the murder sites. But the death of her own husband's are covered with a dangerous secret, an important key to which is meeting with Marcus. Because the truth is often hidden in plain sight. The basis of the novel based on true stories of crime.

9. "Inferno", Dan Brown

Inferno…Once in the mysterious city of Italy – Florence, Professor Langdon, Specialist Codes, symbols and history of art, suddenly falls into a whirlpool of events, that can lead to the death of all mankind… And to prevent it can only answer to the mystery, once encrypted Dante's epic poem immortal lines…



10. "The eighth sin", Philippe Vandenberg

The eighth sinAmong the higher clergy of the Vatican is maturing a conspiracy. A secret brotherhood committed to steal from the secret vault of the Shroud, to conduct an ancient ritual and to fulfill the prophecy of the Apocalypse. Our days, Rome. At the invitation of his former classmate. Marlene Ammer, antiquary Lucas Malberg arrives from Munich to Rome. But having come to her apartment, finds her dead in the bathroom. Clearly the murder occurred, he is hiding from the crime scene. However, he gives the address book of a murdered, thinking, in what might be his phone, but the book was just strange code letters in Latin.


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