In English slang there is an expression "book hangover" (book hangover): it refers to the feeling, when the world seems imperfect, and surreal due to the fact, that man just finished reading the book, which was completely submerged.

1. Mariam Petrosyan "The House, wherein…»

Mariam Petrosyan "The House, where..."On the outskirts of the city, among the standard buildings, is Gray House, in which they live Sphinx, Blind, Lord, According to, Macedonian, Black and many others. For each there is their own nickname. Each House accepts or rejects. The house is much more, than the boarding school for children, abandoned by parents. Will the House you? And do you want it to leave?




2. Patrick Suskind "Perfume. The story of a murderer"

Perfumer. Story of a MurdererIn the novel,, Suskind glorified for the whole world, the author managed to do the impossible: to convey with words the ephemeral nature of fragrance. This book, imbued with scents of, leaves the reader stunned, you sink into the dark depths of his own soul and for a long time can not return to myself.




3. Vladimir Nabokov "Lolita"

LolitaBook-the scandal, the book of revelation, affected readers on both sides of the ocean, "Lolita" does not leave anyone indifferent. Someone sees the shocking story of sin in almost anatomical detail, and someone from the first page falls in love with this drawling, enveloping syllable and "drinks" affair to the bottom, reading it as the hymn "love at first sight, the last look, with age-old view ".




4. Markus Zusak "The Book Thief"

The Book ThiefJanuary 1939 year. Germany. Country, breathless. Never before have there been so many deaths of work. A is more. Nine Year Old Liesel Meminger, which the mother carries with her younger brother to the foster parents, this, is just, does not know. On the road, visiting the boy's death and was noticed Liesel. And then begins this amazing story about the power of words.



5. Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"

The book the Master and MargaritaThe most mysterious and mystical novel of Russian literature of the twentieth century, "The gospel of Satan", one of the most widely read books in the world and the greatest love story. It can be read hundreds of times and again and again to wonder what the pages of a novel dictated by the Forces of Light? And which are written "with" the forces of Darkness?



6. Daniel Keyes "Flowers for Algernon"

[object Window]If you are looking for at the same time enjoy reading, food for thought and a long aftertaste, do not pass by a small novel by Daniel Keyes. He will tell you, what's it like from a simple guy, cleaner in a bakery, whose IQ does not exceed 60, to become a genius, the smartest person on the planet. Can you overcome your fears and to cope with loneliness? In this profound and moving book, Keyes gives own answers.


7. Stephen king "the Green mile"

The Green MileStephen King invites readers into a spooky world of prison on death row, where go, not to return, opens the door to the last refuge of those, who violated not only human, but God's law. There's nothing, that you have read previously, can not be compared with the most daring of the horrible experience of Stephen King - with history, that begins on the Death railway and goes into the depths of the monstrous secrets of the soul.



8. Gabriel Garcia Marquez "one Hundred years of solitude"

Hundred Years of SolitudeSomewhere in the jungle of the lost town of Macondo, where is his record the race of the buendía family, in which such everyday miracles, they do not even pay attention. Do not be afraid, you will not understand the characters of Marquez without a family tree: it's like Latin American TV series, only a hundred times better.




9. Susan Collins "the Hunger games"

Susan Collins "the Hunger gamesThey deprive you of freedom. They will drive you over the rail fence. If you dare to resist, they'll take your children. And force them to kill each other. Yes I Am, this book is primarily action, a real page-Turner, able to carry the reader from reality. On the other hand, "children's utopia" poses a quite adult issues. The story of a terrible reality show with the children's gladiatorial fights doesn't let go for a very long time.



10. Haruki Murakami "Norwegian wood"

Norwegian wood The novel "Norwegian wood" tells the story of human fate in Japan in the second half of the twentieth century. The main issues, which raises this novel is the loss of the man and his sex life. The novel is set in 60 years in Tokyo, when worldwide, including Japan, spread the struggle of students against the existing order.



Of Course, these books are much more than ten. Share your favorite works in the comments, and we will prepare the continuation of the review with you.


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