1. “Jane Eyre” Charlotte Bronte

Jane EyreThe Charlotte Bronte Novel (1816 – 1855) “Jane Eyre” belongs to the best works of English literature. It can be attributed to the genre of detective – with the mystery, which character unravels throughout the narrative, with the complex and also mysterious love story. From most detectives, this work distinguishes the living authenticity of the characters and haze of romanticism.



2. “Emma” Jane Austen

Emma bookJane Austen is still considered “First lady” English literature. Her works are obligatory for studying in all colleges and universities in the UK. Her books are recognized as masterpieces and conquer the sincerity and simplicity of the plot.”Emma”- the caustic, the most accurate and sarcastic from the works of the writer, it – the last work, saw the light in her life. This story is quite atypical, the heroine is not a poor, it's all there – a good home, loving father, condition, not only husband. But she's in no hurry to marry, preferring to arrange the fate of their friends and acquaintances and thereby sometimes getting trapped. Wherein, doing someone else's private life, Emma almost missed his own happiness...

3. “Anna Karenina” Leo Tolstoy

Anna KareninaThe greatest love story of all times and peoples. History, coming down from the stage scaffolding, filmed countless times – and still not lost the infinite charm of passion – of passion is fatal, destructive, blind – but even more fascinating with its grandeur…




4. “Rebecca” Daphne du Maurier

Rebecca Daphne du Maurier“Rebecca” – not just the most famous novel of Daphne du Maurier.
Not just a book, that was made into a cult film A. Hitchcock.
Not just a work, laid the stylistic Foundation of all “intellectual thrillers” our days.
“Rebecca” – this novel is unique, terrible – and transparent, simple – and convenient.



5. “Scarlett” Alexandra Ripley

Scarlett Alexandra RipleyFor the right to write this book fought dozens of writers, however, the publishers chose an American woman Alexandra Ripley from South Carolina. A true southerner, Ripley, like no other, was able to understand the thoughts and feelings of the famous Scarlett, the heroine of the novel by Margaret Mitchell “Unesennye wind”, and to continue the story of her life, full event, passions and experiences.
Novel “Scarlett” immediately became superbestseller and is among the most popular novels-sequels. He filmed (TV series “Scarlett”, in
the role of Rhett Butler – Timothy Dalton).

6. “Mary Poppins” Pamela Travers

Mary PoppinsThe famous fairy tale of English writer of the adventures of the magnificent Mary Poppins – favorite of all the guys.





7. “Madame Bovary” Gustave Flaubert

Madame BovaryThe Novel By Flaubert “Madame Bovary” made an epoch in European literature. This is the most famous work of the famous writer and one of the best books about love. Deceptively simple and surprisingly accurate style of the novel is still considered the pinnacle of French literature.




8. “Consuelo” George Sand

ConsueloNovel “Consuelo” – a fascinating story of the life of a young singer (its prototype was the famous Pauline Viardot), whom face tough test, giving people their art. This book is about the fate of a true artist, about the burden of talent, - given destiny, about the complex, and sometimes even tragic choice between fame and personal happiness.



9. “Starukha” Maxim Gorky

StarukhaSummer evening on the sea coast of Bessarabia wise, to see in my lifetime a lot of grief and joy, Starukha tells the story of his life.





10. “Queen Margot” Alexandre Dumas

Queen Margot By Alexander Dumas“Queen Margot” – one of the most famous novels by Alexander Dumas, has long become a classic of historical and adventure literature.
France, sixteenth century, the era of violent struggle between Protestants and Catholics, devious court intrigues and forbidden love, Queen Margot, Willy-nilly become a party to other people's political games…


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