Things to know, going to gnaw granite science abroad? All the details of the formation of a cordon tried to find out, "Komsomolskaya Pravda".


1. USA

American universities – it is the ideal place for those, who want to engage in research, since this area – one of the most prestigious in America. US education system is world renowned for its practical orientation, flexibility and freedom of choice – every university student he forms his training program, and in some universities and colleges – even academic plan for the period of study, holidays and internships.

Basic requirements

Depend on the university or college. But in most cases for admission to the first year only require a completed application form, certificate with translation into English and TOEFL test results, and sometimes even without them – many colleges conduct their tests.

How much is?*

Cost of the program – from 1800 dollars.
Dorm room – from $100.
Apartment – about $500 per room.
Benefits for students

Visa training – absolutely legal way to stay in the US.

Training can last up to 8 year old. During this time, people, who decides to stay and live and work in America, be able to find something suitable. You can move from one institution to another in order, to find a place, the most appropriate student wishes. In parallel with studies allowed to work.

2. United Kingdom

Diploma in English university is perhaps the most prestigious in the world. Here give the best knowledge in the field of economy, chemistry, medicine and biology. Here are just training will be costly.

Basic requirements

Formally, high school graduates from the CIS countries can not directly go to university or college UK because of differences in education systems. In order to enter you must go through a special training program for A-Level or Foundation in the UK or finish 1-2 year of high school at home.

Moreover, required:

l presence of a high school diploma;
l English language skills at the level of TOEFL, IELTS (certificates or equivalent).

How much is?

The average cost of programs – 6600-12 100 euros per year.
Dorm room – from 200 eur.
Apartment – from 700 per month.
Benefits for students

Students have significant benefits to pay taxes, housing-related, visiting museums and exhibitions, transport between the university dormitories and academic buildings, as well as benefits for public transport.

3. France

Worldwide valued diplomas Industry professionals, obtained in this country. Moreover, training in any French university study is cheaper in our private university.

Basic requirements

In universities accept without restrictions. To apply for the initial courses checked only level of French.

How much is?

Cost of the program – from 1000 dollars.
Hostel – 150 per month.
Apartment – 300 per month.
Benefits for students

Scholarships are available even to foreigners. Moreover, Government subsidizes annually to all students 10 thousands of euros.


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