Do not know, what to see on the weekends? We offer a selection of the best comedy films 2014-2015 years. Gather popcorn!

11"Another woman" (USA, 2014)


Pretty easy and uncomplicated comedy, which can be viewed in the company of girlfriends just like the heroine of the movie on that frame. Carly meets with Mark. He is charming, beautiful, It is working a paying job, but she is married to another girl Kate. But the heroine does not begin to sort things out, and, on the contrary, together, to avenge, is suddenly on the horizon appears a young Amber. Trio deceived women, wanting revenge, - this, is just, Nuclear mixture.

10"Crazy Wedding" (France, 2014)


The heroes of this film, Claude and Marie Verneuil - typical representatives of the bourgeois class in France, they live in a luxury estate and are committed to old traditions, and therefore did not accept tolerance towards immigrants policy. But that's only their daughter did not share the views of parents, as the three of them take the vows with a Jew David, Rashid Arab and Chinese Chao. The only hope for the younger daughter Laura, but only the parents still do not know, who chose a couple in their youngest.

9"Walk of Shame" (USA, 2014)


This film - a benefit Elizabeth Banks, better known as extravagant Effie of "The Hunger Games". In the story, presenter Megan Texas destroys all the stereotypes about blondes: it is formed, It has a good job, and eager to get promoted and have a personal life. But once, succumbed to the entreaties of friends, and it is clothed in such atypical for himself a yellow dress, Megan goes to the club. After a night of revelry, it is at the far Los Angeles area without a phone, Car, passport and money - and it is only 8 hours, to get to the most important interview of her life.

8"Magic in the Moonlight" (USA, United Kingdom, 2014)


The famous illusionist Stanley Crawford wins global audience with their incredible stunts, and now, after one of the performances of his long-time friend and colleague, Howard turns to him for help expose young American Sophie Baker, called himself a psychic and spiritualistkoy. But that's only, Upon arrival, Stanley finds, Sophie, Never before him who had not seen, He knows such details of his life and the lives of his loved ones, that there could be unwittingly begin to doubt your intentions ... Fans of light romance on Woody Allen look categorically shown and recommended.

7"Baby" (USA, 2014)


In his new film, directed by Lynn Shelton raises the issue of the search itself and growing. It's been quite a lot of years after graduation, and Megan (Keira Knightley) still does not know, what to do in the future, and falls into shock from the marriage proposal of her boyfriend. But the world is changing: school friends are married, give birth, make a career - get older and become more serious. And Megan is still looking at the world through the eyes of a teenager, afraid to be responsible for their actions and to make serious decisions. But one day she decides to change and grow, outlining time limits for ourselves - 1 week.

6"And here it is" (USA, 2014)


Whether lyrical comedy, whether funny melodrama with a terrific actor duo - Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton. The story of a lonely widower egocentric, which over the years has become a boring miser. But his whole way of life is changing at the moment, when he learns, that is the grandfather. And while his son is in prison, Oren, was the name of the main character, will have to undertake the education of her granddaughter.

5"Dream Vacation" (United Kingdom, 2014)


What could be better than a large family holiday in Scotland, for example, anniversary beloved grandfather? All relatives is going to celebrate the birthday Gordie, including Douglas Eby with their children. In order not to upset the beloved grandfather, parents decide to keep secret many family problems, including the upcoming divorce. But when getting into the act three restless and chatty children, It becomes evident, that store these problems did not get!

4"Jack in the realm of women" (France, 2014)


Only the French could pull off such a strange film with a social subtext. And So, in the Democratic Republic Bubun male and female roles were reversed - sort of a Islamic matriarchy. And living in this world, Jackie - the perfect guy marriageable. He is modest, perfectly prepared and wants to get on the ball, where he was sure to notice the beautiful Polkonessa on a white horse - that's such a free interpretation of the classic "Cinderella", only acts as a Cinderella character Vincent Lacoste.

3"Peephole" (USA, 2015)


Susan Cooper - gray mouse CIA, to arrange for day, to catch criminals and save lives, but instead of, It works manager in the ear of the coolest agent. But after the failure of the last, Susan's life changes drastically, and now she is preparing to become a full-fledged CIA agent. Melissa McCarthy, Jason Staten, Jude Law and Verka Serduchka - such as you cast? So that, If you just want to relax and smile, Included «spy»!

2"Hotel" Marigold ". The settlement proceeds " (United Kingdom, USA, 2014)


Continued British film hotel "Marigold": The Best Exotic gathered wonderful cast: Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Richard Gere, Bill Nighy ... about simple human truths and values ​​of the person you talk 60 and higher with intelligent humor and provocatively-philosophical attitude. Director John Madden managed to preserve and carefully moved to the sequel to the best of the first film. The atmosphere, a riot of color and flavor of India, bizarre combination of Hollywood to Bollywood exotic - in general, all, so that the audience liked the first picture, It left in the second.

1"Entry" (USA, 2015)


Ben, odinokiy widower, accustomed to work, retired finds, that calm and measured life is not for him. That Is Why, when he saw an advertisement for recruitment of trainees, pensioners position in startup, He decides to take a chance. Thus he falls into a successful online store selling clothes under the leadership of a young business woman Jules, that literally lives his work and cares for it, perhaps, even more, than about his own daughter. Excellent acting duo - Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, sweet and kind comedy to brighten up your evening at home, and in cinema.

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